My guiding rules

 I wish to share my passion with more people, you for instance ! Here are my priorities when I guide :

- Safety, which is more important than the summit. I guess there's no need to insist on that point to convince you !

- Pleasure. Yours, of course, but also mine. It's a necesary condition to transmit the passion of mountains ! My first motivation when I wake up is the perspective of a new day in mountain with a climbing partner.

- Formation. I enjoy helping you to get better, in all the fields : safety, climbing & skiing techniques, physical & psychological resistance.

- Teaching nature. I have solid naturalist skills in high mountains, which I enjoy sharing. I'm particularly interested in botany, entomology and geology.

About me

I was born in 1982. In the past years, I've been living all around the Alps: Grenoble, Doucy-en-Bauges (Savoie), Gap & Embrun (Hautes-Alpes), Bellinzona (Ticino, Switzerland). I now live in Mont Saxonnex (Haute-Savoie, France).

The mountain range I like most is Oisans, in France, because it's huge, wild and impressive. Still, I'm in love of the whole Alps, from the southern pre-Alps up to the central Swiss Alps, passing through Vanoise and the Mont-Blanc range.

Way before I could read, I was already skiing and hiking. Later, I discovered climbing and alpinism when I was a teenager. From that day I left my downhill skiing boots and found some randonnée skis, I throwed away my old walking shoes and used good vibram ones to put crampons on them, and let's go ! Since then I mainly travel in the Alps, but I also had the oportunity to discover the Andes (Ecuador, Argentina, Chile), and thanks to the national team of the French Alpine Club, I was lucky enough to go climbing in Iceland and Alaska.

Spoken languages

English, French, Spanish, Italian

Main climbs

I realised that many people who use to climb with a guide are quite curious of what he did, especially when they see his brand new gear still smelling the climbing shop. So, here are some climbs I will long remember:

Les Drus (3754m), north face, Lesueur route, mixed climbing version (2012).

Eiger (3970m), north face, Heckmair route (2012).

Cervin (ou Matterhorn, 4478m), north face, Schmid route (2012).

Pic Sans Nom (3913m), north-west face, Eloge de la Fuite (2012)

Olan (3564m), north face, Bouilloux-Wilmart route (2009), Couzy-Desmaison route (2011, winter climb).

Alaska, Mont Dickey (2909m), first ascent of the north-east ridge (2008).

Meije (3984m), north face, direct route (2008, winter climb).

Grandes Jorases (4208m), north face, Polish 1970 route (2007), Croz spur (2007), Colton-McIntyre route (2010).

Les Droites (4000m), north face, Davaille route (2007), Colton route (2009, winter climb).

Barre des Ecrins (4102m), Boivin gully (2005), Gabarrou-Marsigny gully (2009).

Ailefroide (3954m), Grassi gully (2005), Pschitt gully (2007).

And some easy normal routes far away from home, always great souvenirs : Aconcagua (6962m), Chimborazo (6268m), Cotopaxi (5897m), Sanguay (5230m), Iliniza sud (5248m).

Glacier du Géant, Mont-Blanc range, France
Pico Uriellu, Asturias, Spain
Droite North Face, Mont-Blanc range, France
Tour Termier, Cerces, France
Cerro Plomo, Chile
Eiger, north face, Switzerland