Nowadays most guides have their own web page, but this does not prevent us from forming a tight network, on the contrary !

The friends

Thibault Beck & Vincent Bouchet, guides near Chamonix.

Eric Chaxel, rock climbing near Lyon.

Nicolas Draperi, guide in Briançon.

Kevin Gourgues, guide in Chamonix.

Vincent Glauzy, guide in Chamonix.

Julien Loste, guide in Gap.

Didier Tiberghien, guide in Chamonix.

Nikita Uboldi, guide in Tessin (Ticino), Switzerland

My accomodation advices

Refuge Font Turbat

Refuge Adèle Planchard

Refuge of Olan

Refuge Pigeonnier

Near Briançon : the chambre d'hôtes Lacouledouce, extremely peaceful place in Puy-Chalvin

Near La Grave : la Brèche, friendly and authentic, in the Villard d'Arène village

Information about mountains

Snow & avanlache information in the south french alps

Avalanche database

Hand-made wheater forecast in the northern alps.

Swon & avalanche information in Switzerland

There are other things than mountains in life !

A franco-equatorian association for education, association for education, in which I'm engaged for about ten years.

In addition to my guiding activity, I'm a researcher in ecology.